How to Use tvOS Control Center in Apple TV

Uzair Ghani
How to Use tvOS Control Center

We will show you how to use the tvOS Control Center on your Apple TV running the latest tvOS 13 update. It's fairly easy and a huge convenience.

tvOS Control Center Might Not be the One Like iOS, But it's Exactly What You Need on Apple TV

For me, the tvOS Control Center is something which I never actually needed. After all, if you're just watching Netflix or YouTube on the big screen, how badly would you need something like Control Center, right? Turns out, Apple was able to create a need for it when it introduced multi-user support for the Apple TV with tvOS 13.

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But, along with multi-user support, Apple threw in a couple of other things into the mix which makes tvOS Control Center one of the nicest little additions on Apple's TV platform. How to access it? What can you do with it? We'll walk you through it all while keeping things as simple as possible.

How to Access tvOS Control Center?

First and foremost, you must know how to access the Control Center in the first place. But, before you do that, having tvOS 13 is a strict requirement for it. Make sure you are updated to the latest version. You may check for available updates by going to Settings > System > Software Update on your Apple TV.

Assuming that you are on tvOS 13, press the hold the Home button (the one that looks like a TV) on the Siri Remote to bring the tvOS Control Center into view. It will slide in from the right hand side of your TV.

tvOS Control Center access using Home button

If you want to dismiss Control Center, simply press the Menu button on the Siri Remote.

Siri Remote Menu button

What Can You do With Control Center?

Though the controls might not seem like much, but there is everything in Control Center you need to take your experience to a whole new level. We will highlight each and every single one below.

tvOS Control Center features
  • 1. Multiple Users - If you have multiple user accounts set up on your Apple TV, just bring up Control Center, swipe to select the profile and you're in.
  • 2. Sleep - If you are done watching your Apple TV, simply hit the Sleep button in Control Center. Your Apple TV will power down and you can then resume your normal life. Keep in mind that this will put every other 'smart' connected device to your Apple TV to sleep as well including a soundbar, audio receiver, etc.
  • 3. Now Playing - Just like iOS, you can see which song is playing using the tvOS Control Center. Opening the option will take your straight to the Now Playing screen in the Music app.
  • 4. AirPlay - Want to connect to your AirPods on Apple TV? Or just want to change the audio source to something else? You can do that too by simply clicking on the AirPlay button. It doesn't get easier than this.
  • 5. Search - Clicking on the magnifying glass icon will take you to search. From here you can search multiple sources for content. Search for Brendan Fraser and you'll be honored with all the results.

I know many people out there will pen down their desire for more toggles in the tvOS Control Center, but I firmly believe what's available right now are the absolute essentials. In fact, the addition of the AirPlay toggle alone is a game over move from Apple for me as I can route audio to my AirPods from anywhere within tvOS, literally anywhere. Try doing that on tvOS 12 and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

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