How to Turn Off Taskbar Transparency on Windows 11 Computers

Zarmeen Shahzad

Windows 11 came with a transparency feature. This feature makes the taskbar and context menu transparent and shows shades of the background. If you don’t like it, you can choose to turn this feature off. This tutorial will address this and show you how to turn off taskbar transparency on Windows 11 computers.

Turn Off Taskbar Transparency on Windows 11

Personally, I like the transparency feature. It gives the new Windows a more aesthetic feel, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be your cup of tea. Depending on your background colors, the taskbar and context menu will look different. The transparency feature is turned On by default, but you can turn it off in Settings.

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Turn Off Transparency Using Personalisation Settings

  1.  Right-click on the desktop and select Personalise.
    Turn Off Taskbar Transparency on Windows 11
  2.  Select the Colors option.
    Turn Off Taskbar Transparency on Windows 11
  3.  Turn the Transparency effects toggle switch Off.
    Toggle Switch

Accessibility Settings

There is another way to disable this feature. You can use the Accessibility settings to enable or disable the transparent taskbar effect.

  1.  Click on the Windows icon on the taskbar and select the Settings cog.
    Windows Settings
  2.  When the Settings app opens, click on Accessibility on the left pane.
    Turn Off Taskbar Transparency on Windows 11
  3.  Now, select Visual effects in the right pane.
    Visual Effects
  4.  Turn the toggle switch Off for Transparency effects.
    Transparency Toggle

As soon as you turn the toggle Off, you will notice that your Taskbar will be more ‘material.’ If you want to enable the feature again, you can follow all the above steps but turn the last step toggle for Transparency effects On.

If you wonder if turning this feature Off will detriment your work, then no. You can continue working as before. The transparency feature, as I mentioned before, adds an aesthetic and nothing more.

Let us know in the comments below if you liked this Windows 11 feature, and if you chose to disable it, why did you?

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