How to See the List of People You Don’t Follow Back on Instagram

Ali Salman
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While we're all stuck at home, the usage of social media is one way of keeping in touch with your friends and family. If you're someone who gets so many requests on Instagram that you stop keeping track, there's one way to unfollow them easily. Today, we will let you know how you can see the list of people you don't follow back on Instagram, so you can choose to remove them or follow back.

Here's How To See The List of People And Accounts That You Don't Follow Back on Instagram

Recently, Instagram started showing unfollow suggestions with 'Most Shown in Feed' and 'Least Interacted With' categories. This is to make it easier for you to remove people that you do not interact with. As to begin with, you will see two categories in your Followers section: Accounts You Don't Follow Back and Least Interacted with.

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The first category lists all the people who have followed you but you don't follow them back. This category is pretty useful if you're looking to know who follows you and whether you should remove them or keep them. This is the category that we are focusing on right now and it's pretty easy how you can view it. We have devised a set of instructions that you can follow to know which people are following you but you don't follow them back on Instagram.

1. The first thing that you have to do is launch the Instagram app.

2. Now, head over to your Profile and tap on the Followers section.

Instagram Not Following

3. Here, you will see the list of Accounts You Don't Follow Back. Tap on it.

4. Once you're in this section, you will see the entire list of people who follow you but you don't follow them back.

Instagram Not Following

Simply tap on the Remove button next to the person in order to remove them. If you wish to follow them back, there is also a blue-colored Follow button next to their names. That's all that you have to do.

That's all there is to this section. You can also choose to remove certain accounts or people that you don't interact with much. You should use the 'Least Interacted With' section to see the list of accounts and choose if you want to keep them or remove them.

We're glad that Instagram has finally added the option to see the list of people or accounts that you don't follow back. Previously, you were required to see the entire list of your followers and see whether you follow them or not. The option is gradually being rolled out to iOS and Android users. All of these options are present on my iPhone while some of them are missing from my Pixel 3.

Let us know in the comments if you see the option on Instagram.

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