How to Schedule Meetings in Zoom on Your Windows 10 Computers


When it comes to meetings, you should always plan. This is the sure-shot way of ensuring that the participants can confirm their presence and sort of their other plans. With the pandemic, most of us have meetings online, and we use various video conferencing apps available in the market. One such application is Zoom, and it allows you to schedule meetings in advance, whether it is a one-time meeting or a recurring meeting. In this tutorial, I will show you how to schedule meetings in Zoom on your Windows 10 computers.

Schedule Meetings in Zoom

Step-1: Open your desktop Zoom app and sign in.

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Step-2: Make sure you are on the Home page. You will get these 4 options there:

Schedule Meetings In Zoom

Step-3: Select Schedule.

Schedule Meetings In Zoom
Step-4: Another window will open, and you will see a bunch of different options. We will look at each of these options, one by one.

  1.  First, under the Topic section, choose a name for the Meeting.
  2.  Then select the time and how long the meeting will last.
  3.  If it is a recurring meeting, check the Recurring meeting box.
  4.  Also, make sure that the Time Zone at the bottom is correct.

Schedule Meetings In Zoom
Step-5: Under the Meeting ID section, you can either generate an automatic ID or use your Personal Meeting ID. If it is a business meeting, I suggest choosing the automatically generated ID; otherwise, use the personal one.

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Meeting ID
Step-5: In the Security section, there is a passcode. This passcode is embedded in the link used to invite people to the meeting. If, however, someone joins from their phone or room system, they will need the passcode.

You can also choose to add users on your own. However, only people added by the host can join the meeting. For this, check the Waiting Room box.

Under the Encryption section, You can also enable End-to-end encryption if you wish.

Zoom Security

Step-6: Under the Video section, you can choose to turn the host’s and the participant's video Off for the session. You can also set the Audio communication for both the host and participant.

Session Settings

Step-7: Under the Calendar section, you can send reminders for the Meeting. You can choose where you want the reminders sent.

Schedule Meetings In Zoom
Step-8: Click on Advanced Options to expand the option.

Advanced Options
Step-9: There are various options available. Check the ones that apply to you.

Schedule Meetings In Zoom
Step-10: After this, click Save or Schedule (whatever appears to you on your Zoom account)
The meeting will be scheduled, and the information will be sent to your chosen calendar. [Don’t forget to send meeting links to the participants]

Schedule Meetings In Zoom

[IMPORTANT NOTE: I used the free version of Zoom. If you are using the premium paid version, you may get a few more options under each section]