How to Remap Motion Sense Gestures on Pixel 4/ Pixel 4 XL

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Motion Sense is undoubtedly one of the more gimmicky features of Google's Pixel 4 lineup. While it does offer a semblance of some day-to-day functionality, it doesn't really do a lot. Some would argue that it weighs the Pixel 4 down, as it uses radar-based technology, preventing the Pixel 4 from being sold in several countries.

Motion Sense is still somehow salvageable, thanks to the innovative folks over at XDA Developers who managed to make it work with a wide range of applications. The best part is, you don't even have to root your Pixel 4 for it. Here's how you can (somewhat) customize Motion Sense gestures on the Google Pixel 4.

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Step 1: Download the Button Mapper v1.40 from XDA Labs or the Play Store.

Step 2: Enable Motion Sense in the System Settings. Also, make sure that the “Reach to check phone” option is enabled.

Step 3: For unrooted users only. Open command prompt/terminal in your ADB/Fastboot folder.

Step 4: Connect your smartphone to your PC/Mac via USB cable and check for ADB connectivity by typing in "adb devices" in the terminal window.

Step 5: Enter the following commands into the ADB terminal.

adb shell pm grant flar2.homebutton android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS
adb shell pm grant flar2.homebutton android.permission.READ_LOGS

The motion gestures will work with the screen off, on the lock screen and on the home screen. The sensor is not active within other apps. You can swipe in any direction, but swiping left or right seems to work best. You need the premium version of the app to remap the gestures. A good way to test this out with the"Toggle flashlight" action as it gives you instant visual feedback about the success of your gesture. The app is also pretty useful for customizing other buttons on your phone (except the Power button), so feel free to play around with a little more.

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