Pixel 3, Pixel 4 Owners Are Complaining of Swollen Batteries That Are Preventing the Phones From Being Charged Wirelessly

Pixel 3, Pixel 4 Owners Are Complaining of Swollen Batteries That Are Preventing the Phones From Being Charged Wirelessly

Google’s Pixel troubles never seem to end. Firstly, the company discontinued the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL possibly due to poor sales, and now owners of Pixel 3 and the current flagship series are complaining of swollen batteries.

One Pixel 3 owner, Neil Zhao has published a post on Google support forums, highlighting the issue he’s currently facing.

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“I bought this Pixel 3 in Nov 2018. The device is out warranty but under the device protection plan. The back of the phone is popping off because the battery is swelling. I am not sure when it started to swell because I am using a phone case. I accidentally took the case off today and noticed the swollen battery. Glad it didn't explode or caught on fire while I was sleeping. Google should do something to solve this ASAP. I am seriously considering switching to an iPhone.”

One Redditor who goes by the username Dgecko2000, owns a Pixel 4 XL, has also complained regarding the battery swelling conundrum. At first, he thought that his Pixel Stand was malfunctioning, after which Google replaced it without asking questions. Unfortunately, the Pixel 4 XL refused to charge and it was only after Dgecko2000’s wife’s Galaxy S10 charged on the Pixel Stand did he realize that the problem originated from the Pixel 4 XL. He also suspects that the battery swelling problem and Google discontinuing the Pixel 4 series could somehow be connected.

“I'm starting to suspect that this battery swell issue may be bigger than Google is currently admitting, and that's why they have abruptly discontinued it... I'm wondering if my phone's wireless charging issue may be a symptom too. Upon closer inspection, the top back corners appear to be "scuffed" on the black rim where it meets the rear glass... Those 2 corners appear to be slightly lifted too but it is hard to tell.”

Google currently hasn’t replied to these battery swelling issues on the threads but if the company’s representatives do respond, we believe that they will make sure the affected devices are replaced in a timely manner, at least those that are in warranty. As for the problem itself, perhaps Google should take a closer look into isolating the problem so that the same experience isn’t repeated when the Pixel 5 launches.

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