How to Factory Reset AirPods Pro

Uzair Ghani
learn to factory reset AirPods Pro

Here's how you can factory reset AirPods Pro in order to fix Bluetooth issues or any other issues which might be plaguing you for a while.

Learn to Factory Reset AirPods Pro to Fix Issues or Go Over Your Plan to Sell them Out

So, here's a situation. You're sitting in your comfortable chair, your AirPods Pro refuse to connect to your iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Windows PC or even your Android phone. You've tried everything possible. Put the AirPods in their case, pull them out again but to no sort of win at all. Or, you bought the AirPods Pro and realized that they are not quite what you were looking for, so you just want to sell them off again or return them back to Apple. What do you do in both situations? You factory AirPods Pro. That's what.

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Surprisingly, it's not a difficult process at all. It's a simple case of removing the AirPods Pro from your list of Bluetooth devices then pressing and holding the button at the back of the charging case in order to factory reset them. But, we will walk you in an orderly fashion on how it's done.

Step 1.  Place your AirPods Pro in their case and let them charge as they normally would.

Step 2. Remove the AirPods Pro from the Bluetooth menu of your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Mac, Windows or Android device.

  • iPhone and iPad: Go to Settings > Bluetooth, find your AirPods Pro. Tap on the 'i' button next to your AirPods and then tap on Forget This Device.
  • Mac: Open System Preferences > Bluetooth and then highlight your AirPods Pro, click on the 'x' button and then click on Forget Device.
  • Android: Launch Settings, then tap on Bluetooth and make sure you forget the AirPods Pro from here.
  • Windows: Simply head over to Bluetooth devices in Settings and remove AirPods Pro.
factory reset AirPods Pro - remove from bluetooth menu first

Step 3. There's a button behind your AirPods Pro case, like the one shown below. Press and hold it until the light at the front starts flashing amber. As soon as the lights start flashing amber, let go of the button.

Step 4. That's it, you just factory reset AirPods Pro and now you can re-pair them back to your devices.

If you were having Bluetooth related issues then this factory reset should bring everything back to normal. But there's no guarantee that you'll find a definite fix. Sometimes the problem lies with a botched Bluetooth module in the device itself (whether AirPods Pro or the audio source). In that case, you might be required to take some drastic measures to get everything back on track. But I sincerely hope this simple factory reset alone has fixed everything for you.

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