Apple Releases AirPods Max 3C39 Firmware Update, Hopefully Fixes Severe Battery Drain Issue

AirPods Max firmware update 3C39 now available over the air

Apple has released firmware 3C39 for AirPods Max devices around the world. This update hopefully address the battery drain issues users have been experiencing.

AirPods Max Firmware 3C39 Now Available Over the Air

AirPods Max users have been complaining about rapid battery drain issues, with some users complaining that the battery is draining all the way to 0% from 100% overnight. Surprisingly, this happens even if the headphones are left inside the official case that comes with the headphones. This is something that should not happen as the case is meant to put the headphones into deep sleep to conserve battery life.

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Today, Apple has released a brand new firmware for the AirPods Max, pushing the version to 3C39. We are hoping that the new update will fix the battery drain issues users are facing.

We are constantly saying ‘hoping’ and ‘hopefully’ because there are no release notes that we can glance at to tell what this update actually brings to the table. But given that the battery drain issue is very real and some users have stumbled upon it on day one, it’s easy to assume that this is one bug Apple has squashed, hopefully.

In order to check whether or not you have the latest firmware update, first of all take out the AirPods Max from their case and make sure they are connected to your iPhone or iPad. Now launch the Settings app and then tap on Bluetooth. Find Your AirPods Max and then tap on the little i icon next to it for more information. Just have a look at the firmware version here. If the firmware is not 3C39, don’t worry, give it a while and it will update as long as it is connected to an iPhone or iPad hooked up to a working internet connection.

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