How to Make Your Galaxy S20 Faster [Tutorial]

Galaxy S20

The Galaxy S20 is one of the hottest devices available in the market at the time of writing and for all the right reasons, as well. The device is packed with some of the finest options; you have state of the art chipset, a gorgeous 120Hz AMOLED display, and an impressive array of cameras. While perfection is subjective, one could almost say that the Galaxy S20 devices are the embodiment of a perfect device.

Right out of the box, the device is pretty fast, and Samsung is doing their work by providing quick updates as well. However, if you are looking to make the device even faster, we have something interesting for you.

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Speed Up Your Galaxy S20 by Turning Off or Reducing Animations

I know the process almost sounds rudimentary but there are two methods through which you can do that. One method will reduce the animations, and the other will completely disable them, should you wish to take the second route.

How to Reduce the Animations on Your Galaxy S20

The first process is fairly simple and straightforward; simply follow the steps below and you will be sorted.

  1. Start by going to the Settings on your device.
  2. Scroll down until you find Advanced features.
  3. In there, you will find an option that says Reduce animations. Simply toggle that on.

What this will do is essentially reduce the number of transitions and other motion elements, which will result in a snappier overall experience. The second method, however, will turn off the transitions altogether.

How to Turn Off the Animations on Your Galaxy S20

The next process is a bit tricky for those who are not used to the idea of tinkering with their phone beyond the norms. This includes enabling Developer options and then turning the animation from there. If you are not familiar with how to enable Developer options, you can head over to our tutorial and see; it hardly takes a minute.

Once done with the enabling part, you can come back and follow the steps below.

  1. Head over to the Settings on your device and scroll all the way down to Developer options.
  2. In Developer settings, scroll down until you see a tab called Drawing. Right under that, you will see two options. Transition animation scale and Animator duration scale. Tap on both of them and choose Animation off. If you want a more aggressive experience, you can do the same with Window animation scale.

After that, simply head back to using your device and you will experience a pretty great different. Granted, those fancy animations might not be there anymore, but the overall speed of the phone combined with the 120Hz refresh rate is going to be a great experience overall.

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