How to Factory Reset Korg KROSS 2 Synthesizer Workstation

Uzair Ghani
Learn to factory reset the Korg KROSS 2 workstation

Today we will show you how you can completely factory reset the Korg KROSS 2 synthesizer workstation in a few easy steps.

Learn to Factory Reset the Korg KROSS 2 Synthesizer and Fix Issues You May Have

Usually, you would come to us for iPhone and Android related tutorials. But today, we are doing something different and stepping into the world of music.

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I have been using a Korg KROSS 2 synthesizer for quite a while now and a few days back I wanted to do a factory reset, only to find out that there is no easy and obvious way to to do it. So, I took it upon myself to make things as easy as possible for everyone. And in a few easy steps, everything will be back to how it was once you unboxed your Korg KROSS 2.

Keep in mind that you will lose your custom created presets and sounds. If you can, take a backup of everything before going ahead.

The factory reset is a great way to fix a lot of problems you might be having with certain patches. This will take everything to factory settings, allowing you to start all over with a clean slate.

Note: Before you go on, it is important that you remove any SD cards or drives from the synthesizer. Make sure you have stable AC power coming into the workstation.


Step 1. Turn on the Korg KROSS 2 using the power button at the back. Make sure it boots up properly

Step 2. Hold down the Exit / Shift key a Global / Media buttons

Step 3. Now press the Function button

Step 4. Go down one step and then select Load Preload/Demo Data and enter the option by pressing down the Menu button which is right under OK

Step 5. The display will now say 'Preparing'

Step 6. Once done, click on OK again by pressing the Menu button and confirm your section by pressing Menu again

Step 7. You will see 'Now executing' on the display. Let everything happen, it may take a while

Step 8. When everything is complete, press on the Exit button and you can start using your KROSS 2 from scratch

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