Learn How To Change and Manage App Permissions on Windows 10 Computers With These Simple Steps

Zarmeen Shahzad
Windows App Permissions

Whenever you download an app, most of us click ‘I agree’ on the terms and conditions without even bothering to read what we just signed up for. If you did this on your Windows 10 computer, you could modify them later on, and I will show you how to manage and change app permissions step-by-step.

If you don’t know what app permissions are, then that’s fine. But let me explain a little why you need to be able to manage them. Many apps ask permission to use your hardware and software. For example, many apps ask for access to use your microphone, your camera, your contacts, and more. As much as we all love our apps, no one wants to give them so much access to our private lives.

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You can manage the permissions of multiple apps at a time, or you can choose to do it one at a time. In today's piece, I am going to share with you both these ways.

Manage Single App Permissions

Step 1 – Go to the Start Menu at the bottom of your screen and click on the Settings cog. Once the following screen opens, click on Apps.

Manage Apps in Settings

Step 2 – Under Apps & Features, pick the app you want to change the permissions to. In my case, I clicked on the Spotify app. Once you click the app, you will see the following options displayed. Click on Advanced options under the app name.

Advanced options

Step 3 - Depending on your app, the options will vary, and you can modify them according to your wishes. There will be On/Off switches that you can click on to grant or deny access in most cases.

App Permissions

Once you are done, close the settings, and your permission settings would have successfully changed.

Manage Multiple Applications At Once

Step 1 – Go to the Start menu and select the Settings Cog. When the settings screen opens, click on Privacy.

Manage multiple app permissions

Step 2 – On your left, you will see two sections – Windows permissions and App permissions. This is what it looks like:

Windows And Add Permissions

Step 3 - Under App permissions, there are different media types that you can modify, like Location, Microphone, Camera, etc. You will have to scroll down to view all options. (I am adding all the options that will be displayed on the left side of your screen)

App Permissions Options


Step 4 - When you click on any media type (I clicked on Location), you will see that you get various options. They will roughly be the same for all media types you are trying to change permissions to. For Location, you will get the following headings Allow access to location on this device. This will allow you to grant or deny permissions for all accounts using that device. If you click the Change button, an On/Off switch will pop up, and you can change the setting as you desire. On/Off

Step 5 - The second option you get is to Allow apps to access your location. If you turn this option to Off, all apps on your computer will not use your location data.

Location Settings

You can choose to grant permissions to some apps and not to other apps. If you scroll down, you get the option Choose which apps can access your precise location. Right next to various apps that want access to your location, there are On/Off switches. You can grant access or deny access by simply clicking these switches.

Manage multi app permissions

Once you are done, close the settings, and you are good to go.

There are multiple options under the App Permissions, including App diagnostics, File System, Videos, etc. Each of these options uses the same process, and it will help you manage all your apps at once if you choose to. However, if any of your apps suddenly stop working properly after this, it is possible that it isn’t working because you denied it some access. For example, if your Skype stops doing video calls, there is a possibility that you denied it access to the camera or the microphone. So, choose your permissions wisely.

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