Enable Night Light on Windows 11 and Improve the Quality of Your Sleep – How To

Zarmeen Shahzad
Windows 11 Systems

According to different studies, the blue light emitted from our phones and computers disturbs our sleep cycle. So, if you are someone who uses your devices late into the night, there is a chance that your sleep cycle is getting disturbed or the quality of your sleep has declined. In this tutorial, I will show you how to address this and enable the night light on Windows 11.

Enable Night Light on Windows 11

There are different ways to turn the night light on, One of them is by using the Settings app, and the other is by using the Quick Settings from the action center.

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Settings App

To turn on the night light in the settings app, follow the steps below:

Step-1: Open the Settings app using the shortcut keys Win + I

Step-2: Ensure that you are in the System Settings from the left pane and then click on Display in the right pane.

Settings App

Step-3: Turn the toggle switch On next to Night Light.

Enable Night Light on Windows 11

If you wish to make adjustments or if you wish to schedule the night light, follow these BONUS steps:

  •  Click on the Night Light option. (Don’t click on the toggle switch)
    Enable Night Light on Windows 11
  •  You can adjust the strength of the light by using the slider.
  •  You can schedule the Night Light by turning the toggle switch next to Schedule Night light On.
  •  When you turn the switch on, you will get the option of Sunset to sunrise (which will be set according to your time zone) and Set hours.
    If you select Set Hours, you will get to set the hours during which you want the night light on.
    Enable Night Light on Windows 11

Quick Settings

  1.  Use the keys Win + A to open the Action Center.
  2.  Select the small pencil icon at the bottom of the Action Center.
    Enable Night Light on Windows 11
  3.  Select Add and click on Night Light.
    Enable Night Light on Windows 11
  4.  Select Done.
    Action Center Additions
  5.  Now, open the action center using the Win + A shortcut and select the Night Light option whenever you wish to turn the Night Light on.
    Action Center

I hope this helps you improve your sleep cycle and quality. Let us know if you have any more questions in the comments below.

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