How to Add Widgets on Your iPhone’s Home Screen on iOS 14

Add Widgets on iOS 14 Home screen 5

Apple released iOS 14 yesterday with major upgrades and features. If you haven't downloaded it yet, we would totally recommend you to do so. iOS 14 boasts a plethora of forward-facing changes for the iPhone's Home screen, like Widgets. If you have upgraded to iOS 14, we will let you guys know how you can add widgets to your Home screen.

Here's How to Easily Add Widgets on Your iPhone's Home Screen on iOS 14 - Simple Steps

Widgets on the iOS 14 Home screens are not the plain tiles that you can just place anywhere. The widgets are customizable and can be added in various sizes and shapes. The widgets are clean and show a boatload of information that you previously had to see by opening the dedicated app.

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If you're unfamiliar, here's how to add widgets on the iOS 14 Home screen. Simply follow the step by step instructions below.

1. On your iPhone running iOS 14, long-press on the Home screen in an empty place to enter the Jiggly mode.

Add Widgets on iOS 14 Home screen 5

2. Tap the + icon situated on the top left corner of the display.

Add Widgets on iOS 14 Home screen 5

3. You will see the entire list of iOS 14 widgets that you can add on the Home screen.

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Add Widgets on Home screen 5

4. Tap the one that you need, choose the size, and then tap on Add Widget to put it on your Home screen.

Add Widgets on iOS 14 Home screen 5

5. Tap on Done to set the widget.

That's all that you have to do. Simply. swipe up and go to the Home screen and you will see the widget. You can reposition the widget the same way you switch places of apps. Take note that the widgets on the Today View are different than the ones you would add on the Home screen.

You also have the option available to add multiple widgets on the iOS 14 Home screen. Follow the same steps and you will be able to place multiple widgets on different app pages.

That's all there is to it folks. How did you like Widgets for your iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

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