How To Reinstall Windows 10 Without Bloatware

Uzair Ghani
Reinstall Windows 10

Here's how you can reinstall Windows 10 on your PC without having a single trace of bloatware onboard. The steps are insanely simple to follow.

Reinstall Windows 10 Without The Factory Installed Bloatware - What More Do You Want?

If you bought a Windows 10 PC recently from a manufacturer such as Dell, ASUS, etc. then it's highly likely you came across software that can easily be deemed as garbage. In other words, the tech space defines this software as 'bloatware,' which, might not necessary be absolutely useless, nonetheless it's still an eyesore and takes up system resources without any reason. So, what can you do about it? Remove it of course. But that's not the best route to take if you're reading this today. Why? Because Microsoft has made things much more simpler with the release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

See the thing is, Windows 10 always had a 'reinstall Windows 10' option that brings the installed copy to a factory state. But the problem was, it reinstalled the shipped bloatware as well once it was done. But luckily for us, Microsoft has baked in a new option in Windows 10, that comes part of the Anniversary Update, allowing users to reinstall Windows 10 without bloatware. It's like installing a fresh stock, vanilla copy of Windows 10, while at the same time, retaining your files and data.

Here's how it works.

  • Open the Start Menu and launch the 'Settings' app.
  • Navigate to 'Update & Security' then click on 'Recovery.'
  • You'll see an option labeled 'Learn how to start fresh with a clean installation of Windows' at the bottom. Click on it and download the Refresh Windows Tool.
  • Once downloaded, launch the tool and agree to Microsoft's terms and agreements.
  • When you're at the 'Give your PC a fresh start' screen, select the 'Keep personal files' option and click on 'Next' at the bottom right hand corner.

Everything after this is absolutely automatic and you'll end up with a copy of Windows 10 that's free from bloatware with your files still intact. But, we will still recommend creating a backup of all your personal data beforehand in case something goes wrong.

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