Fix Pangu iOS 9 “Error at 45%,” Failed Jailbreak Attempts, Cydia Crashes, and More Issues


The Pangu team released iOS 9 - iOS 9.0.2 jailbreak solution today for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. As many of the eager iOS users are trying to jailbreak their devices, there are a few issues being reported by the jailbreaking community. Here are the common jailbreak issues and steps to fix Pangu iOS 9 problems.

How to Fix Pangu iOS 9 issues stuck at 45%

How to fix Pangu iOS 9 problems:

The jailbreak process has largely been successful for users, but some have reported encountering a few issues which made it impossible to complete the process on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Before going forward to learning about Pangu iOS 9 known issues and their fixes, make sure you have tried some of the preliminary fixes.

Tip: Turn off Find My iPhone and Touch ID & Passcode before jailbreaking. Also, considering enabling the Airplane Mode.

Stuck at 45% - Error (0A):

When trying to jailbreak iOS 9 devices, several users are reportedly receiving an “Error at 45% – Error occurred in preparing the environment, error code (0A).” This is possibly happening because you take encrypted backups of your device using iTunes. To fix this stuck at 45% Pangu iOS 9 error, connect your device via USB and then go to iTunes. Click on the Hardware tab > Backups, and ensure that Encrypt iPhone backup is not checked.

Once done, try again to jailbreak your iOS 9 device and hopefully it will now go smoothly.

Fix Pangu iOS 9 failed attempts:

If you are unable to successfully jailbreak your iOS device, team Pangu has the following advice for you:

  • Please switch to the airplane mode, try again.
  • Please reboot both your iOS devices as well as your computer, and try again.
  • Please use the restore functionality in Pangu to restore your device, and try again.

/usr/libexc/cydia/cydo error(2) error

If you are getting an error that looks like the above string, your gut feeling is right as there's no going back... We are kidding. Simply restore your device to iOS 9.0.2 via iTunes and jailbreak again. You'll be good to go.

OTA updates causing problems:

Sometimes you are unable to jailbreak your device if you had installed the firmware on it via over-the-air instead of using iTunes. If no other errors match with your problem and you updated your device to iOS 9 OTA, please restore it by installing iOS 9.0.2 again but via iTunes.

No Cydia?

Have you completed the entire jailbreak process successfully? Whoops, Cydia app is missing? If everything has gone smoothly, but the Cydia app is not showing, launch iOS Photos app and then run Pangu app. You will be prompted to grant it access, do it. Cydia will then stop hiding from you.

Cydia crash:

Is Cydia crashing on you every time you try to open it? Reset the device by going to the Settings app > General >  Reset Erase All Content and Settings. Don't forget to backup first! Install iOS 9.0.2 using iTunes again and then process to jailbreak your device.

Start button is greyed out:

If you are receiving a "Please connect your device and press Start" error and the Start button is greyed out, you will need to reinstall iTunes on your Windows machine. Once done, try to connect your device using USB again.

Missing tweak settings:

The current jailbreak solution has yet to be supported by the PreferenceLoader which is a small jailbreak utility, allowing developers to grant configuration tabs in the native Settings app. If you are worried why settings and preferences aren't available for many installed tweaks, don't worry as the developer of PreferenceLoader is working to fix the issue.

[Update]: PreferenceLoader has now been updated. Here's how to correctly install the updated version to avoid errors.

Don't forget to let us know if you are facing any other issues too, while trying to jailbreak iOS devices. If you know of some fixes, please share them with us and our readers.