How to Use the HomePod Touch Controls & What the Status Lights Mean


Here's how you can use the HomePod touch controls and what those status lights mean at the top.

Learn Your Way Around the HomePod by Understanding the Touch Controls and Status Lights

Speakers like the Google Home and HomePod are meant to be controlled hands-free. But of course, you have the option of controlling certain aspects using physical means. Thankfully, HomePod allows that too. And in today's quick guide we will show you how you can use the touch controls at the top to get around the speaker while also highlighting what the status lights mean at different points during usage.

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HomePod Touch Controls

  • Activate Siri - Tap and hold the top of the HomePod until you will see a multi-colored light.
  • Adjusting Volume - Tap the + or - buttons at the top to adjust volume.
  • Play/Pause - Tap once at the top of the HomePod to pause and tap again to play your music.
  • Skip to Next Track - Double tap at the top of the HomePod to skip to the next track.
  • Go Back to Previous Track - Triple tap at the top of the HomePod to go back to the previous track.
  • Dismiss Alarms - Just tap at the top of the HomePod and your ringing alarm will go away.

Here's the official Apple index for the controls.

HomePod Status Lights

  • Spinning White Light - This means that the speaker is turning on or the software is updating.
  • Pulsating White Light - HomePod is ready to be set up or an alarm is going off.
  • Multicolored Spinning Light - Siri is on and is ready for your queries.
  • Green Pulsating Light - Phone call from one of your other devices has been transferred to HomePod.
  • Spinning Red Light - HomePod is in the process of a reset.

Here's the official Apple index for the status lights.

Now that you've mastered the controls and what the lights mean, you are all set to take your smart speaker journey to the next level. Also, we will be back with more guides and tips for Apple's HomePod so stay tuned for that.

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