What Does the Green and Orange Dot in iPhone or iPad Status Bar Mean?


Curious to know what the green and orange dot in the iPhone or iPad status bar mean? We will explain in the quickest manner possible.

Today We Will Explain Why You See a Green or Orange Dot in the iPhone and iPad Status Bar

With iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, Apple doubled down on security and privacy. It has taken a lot of measures behind the scenes but one which many come across is in the form of a green or orange dots in the status bar. You might have seen it from time to time, especially when you launch a social media app or the camera.

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We will cover both dots separately, explaining what they mean and whether or not you should panic or not.

What Does the Green Dot Mean?

The green dot in the status bar will appear whenever an app is using the iPhone or iPad camera. Basically, if you see the dot, the camera is live. You can check which app it is by bringing down the Control Center and you will see the name at the top. Recently requested camera will also appear here.

Should you panic? That depends. If you are using a flashlight app and you see that green dot, then it is definitely a cause for concern. You can simply go to Settings > Privacy > Camera, find the app which is using the camera and disable it. Uninstalling such apps is an even excellent idea.

What Does the Orange Dot Mean?

You will see an orange dot in the status bar if an app is using the iPhone or iPad microphone. If you think that should not happen, you can disable the permission to the app by going to Settings > Privacy > Microphone and disable the app which is requesting microphone access.

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Just like the green dot, you should only worry about the orange dot if you believe the app or service you are using should not access the microphone for any reason.

That is basically it, you now know what the colored dots mean. But Apple should have made it extremely clear what it means as many users, even today, believe that it is a software glitch or maybe a bunch of dead pixels on an OLED display. Eventually, you would find out what it is.

You will be surprised how many apps access the camera or microphone even if you are just scrolling through a timeline. Some have been caught red-handed while others are waiting to be shamed before necessary updates are pushed out to make things right on the privacy end. If not, then you can always disable access to the camera or microphone by going to Settings.

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