How to Install Apple HomePod Software Updates [Guide]


Here's how you can download and install Apple HomePod software updates over the air using your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Keep Everything Up to Date by Installing HomePod Software Updates on Time

The HomePod is designed in such a way that it pretty much does everything for you. There's a simple set up process, and once done with it, you just leave the speaker in the corner and it's all ready to take in requests and even update itself over the air whenever a new firmware is available form Apple. But of course, you can manually install HomePod software updates if you so wish. In today's guide, we'll show you just that.

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How to Install HomePod Software Updates

It's important that you keep your HomePod software up to date for a number of reasons. New firmware updates tend to bring with them new features and keep things stable as possible. Also, there is no way you can interface the HomePod with iTunes so you cannot restore software updates like you do on a Mac or an iOS device.

1. Using the same iOS device which you used to set up your HomePod, launch the Home app. This is an important step.

2. On the top left corner, you'll see a little 'location' icon. Tap on it.

3. Now select Software Update.

4. See a new update here? Tap on Install. That's all.

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In a few minutes the update will be installed and everything will be back to normal. In order to confirm whether or not the update is going through correctly, you'll see a spinning white light at the top of the speaker. This indicated that the process of updating the software is underway.

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