This Homefront: The Revolution Collector’s Edition Comes with a Drone



Usually I dislike anything that gets me away from the television. In fact, the list is pretty small: large fire, possible murder (victim or culprit) or delivery man. Still, if I happened to love Homefront and happened to buy the Goliath Edition of the new game, I reckon I'd be pretty excited to brave the outside world with this remote control scale replica.

But that's not all you'll get in the $159 bundle. As well as a boxed edition of the game, you'll get a 32 page art book, an exclusive steel book, the Revolutionary Spirit pack - which includes some skins and instant unlocks - and the season pass. That last one all major single play expansions, and you'll also get all the extra content for the co-op Resistance Mode, including new missions, challenges, features and items.

But it's the drone that'll take up most of that price. It includes working lights and six-wheel suspension, which is two for two better than my car.

Hasit Zala, game director at Dambuster Studios, said:

“We’re planning for a dedicated team to work on additional single player content for at least a year after release. We have some exciting ideas that we hope to develop further post launch, but the overall goal is to add some surprising  new experiences to the world of Homefront that complement our 30 hour single player campaign. All additional single player content will be covered by the Expansion Pass.”

Anybody who pre-orders a physical copy of the game will get the Revolutionary Spirit, while digital pre-orders will net you the Liberty Pack. Both contain slightly different unlocks in game.

If you're rich and fancy pre-ordering multiple copies of the same game because reasons, then you can get all the offered bonus content!

  • Kickstart your Co-Op Freedom Fighter's career with the Guerilla Care Package at GameStop: Five 'Resistance Crates' full of random weapon blueprints, attachments, equipment and more.
  • Enhance your guerrilla skills with the Combat Stimulant Pack also at GameStop to give your Freedom Fighter a critical boost in the heat of battle.
  • Wage guerrilla warfare in style with the Wing Skull Pack at Amazon.com, including the Wing Skull motorbike skin and the Silver Pistol skin in the campaign.
  • Pre-order to receive the limited edition Steelbook only available at Best Buy.

Homefront: The Revolution comes out May 17.