Homefront: The Revolution Xbox One Beta Giveaway


Good news, resistance fighters! We have partnered with Deep Silver/Koch Media to bring you an Homefront: The Revolution beta giveaway with 500 codes to hand over.

The beta (which is exclusively taking place on Xbox One) focuses on the coop Resistance mode, which is separate from the 30+ hour long campaign and will feature 12 missions at launch with another 20 to be added for free within its first year.

Participating in our Homefront: The Revolution beta giveaway is easy. You'll just need to follow our Twitter account if you haven't already and then enter your email address.

Once you got the code, you can redeem it via the Xbox One console by going into the Store, picking Use a code and then entering the code itself (no need to type hyphens too, the Xbox One will take care of that). Alternatively, you can also redeem it on Xbox.com (in this case you can just copy&paste the beta code); once the code has been redeemed, you will be able to start downloading the client immediately.

Homefront: The Revolution Beta Giveaway

Here's a highlight of the official FAQ on the beta, which has no NDA (meaning that you're absolutely free to share impressions, images and videos from the test). Also, check out our interview about Homefront: The Revolution with Senior Narrative Designer CJ Kershner; the full game is due on May 17-20.

What is Resistance Mode?

Resistance Mode has you and three fellow Fighters take on the KPA together, across a range of diverse story-driven Missions online. As you try to complete Missions, you will steadily unlock more skills, weapons, gear, and Guerrilla Toolkit equipment to increase your options for tactical gameplay. And you will need them to tackle Missions on the hardest difficulty!

Resistance Mode in the Closed Beta will feature a limited set of content compared to the full game.

Is the Closed Beta the same as the final game?

The Closed Beta does not represent final quality. There may be gameplay improvements based on your feedback, technical improvements, and other improvements to quality relating to graphics and frame rate. This is a true beta and not a demo, which means things will be unpolished.

As the Closed Beta is meant to test things ahead of release, it’s possible servers will go offline unexpectedly or for a short period while we fix things in the background. In these cases, we will always do our best to keep you updated on the forums and Twitter, and we kindly ask for your patience while we work on it.

Does my progress in the Closed Beta carry over to the full game?

It does not.

Can I leave feedback for the developers?

Of course! We have a Closed Beta forum and we encourage you to leave your thoughts about Resistance Mode right here. We may not be able to respond to everything, but you can be sure we'll read it.

Can I talk about the Closed Beta, upload video to YouTube, or stream on Twitch?

Yes! There is no NDA (non-disclosure agreement) that restricts you in any way from live-streaming, recording video, taking screenshots, or sharing content from the Closed Beta on social media, forums, Reddit, YouTube, Twitch, or elsewhere.

If you record Closed Beta content for the purpose of uploading it to YouTube, you are also allowed to monetize your content. We would like to ask you in return to be kind enough to include “Closed Beta” somewhere in the title. This makes it easier for us to find and watch your videos, share it within the studio and on our community channels. It also makes it easier for the YouTube community to differentiate between content from the Closed Beta and the full game down the line.

The above is also valid for a pre-Closed Beta Stress Test if you were selected to participate.