Homefront The Revolution 1.4 Update Now Available On PC, Includes Performance Improvements And More


Homefront The Revolution, the first person game developed by Dambuster Studios, has been released a few weeks ago on consoles and PC, but it wasn't a smooth release, as the game suffers from a variety of issues that make it difficult to enjoy it fully. The team has acknowledged all the issues a little while back, promising to improve all versions of the game with updates. Another one of these updates has been made available for the PC version of the game a few hours ago.

The Homefront The Revolution 1.4 update, available for download right now on PC, includes several fixes for a variety of issues, as well as performance improvements such as HDR implementation, the game correctly using multicore CPUs and more.

  • Save Stalls– We have optimized the number of checkpoint save locations throughout the single player campaign. This means that the short ‘pauses’ that the player encounters are reduced and the game will now inform you that it is saving. There will also be further optimizations in an upcoming patch.
  • Missing Map Icons – Players who were missing icons after updating to the v1.03 patch should now see their progress restored. You should now be able to continue your game, however there may be some slight inconsistencies with the hearts & minds stats.Crash Fixes – We have fixed many crash related issues across all platforms
  • Multicore CPU’s – PC players should now see better performance from their CPU. We fixed an issue that meant multicore CPU’s were not being fully utilized.
  • HDR - Implemented HDR rendering optimizations for Nvidia hardware

Obviously, the team is not yet done with improvements. Earlier today, it's been confirmed that among the upcoming fixes will be SLI Fixes and much more.

  • SLI Fixes
  • Fix for Hearts & Minds progress in the Ashgate District not progressing correctly
  • Fix for non-english characters used in login names

While the update is now available on PC, it has yet to be released on PS4 and Xbox One. The update is currently in certification phase, so it should be released next week if everything goes well.

Homefront: The Revolution is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.