Get HITMAN’s Full Experience for PC (Digital) at just $14.99 via GameStop

HITMAN update

HITMAN's full experience, that is to say the entire first season of the game, is now available for an incredibly low price on GameStop. It's only $14.99 for a digital code and although the product page mentions that only US addresses can take advantage of the order, on PC that can be easily circumvented via VPN (Virtual Private Network) software.

For comparison, HITMAN's full experience is 50% off on Steam right now but that only brings it down to $29.99. GameStop is undoubtedly offering a great price for IO Interactive's latest iteration of Agent 47's adventures, with six full episodes plus the summer bonus episode to play through.

After some initial skepticism, IO Interactive was eventually able to win over most of the gaming community. Recent user reviews on Steam are "Very Positive", with an 80% approval rating. Here's what Creative Director Christian Elverdam told us in a recent interview:

Looking at where we are right now, we’re getting a lot of praise from people saying how much depth there is in the level. That is actually one of the fundamental questions we wanted to solve when we did the game like this in the first place. We had this conundrum that we built levels that were super filled with details, but we still had people saying “I beat the level in an hour, I just went in and killed the target, I don’t really get what this is about, how is this cool?”

And we are like, I mean, imagine some of the people who spend hours and hours and hours building all these elegant and elaborate ways of killing a target, even substories and mini story arcs. The episodic format in a way makes people play it and appreciate it for a longer time, because if Paris is out for a month or Sapienza is out for a month and so forth then that’s what you talk about. The community starts talking about way more in depth and they start finding all the easter eggs and all the different things to do, and then their appreciation goes “Wow, the sandbox is actually substantially bigger than just running and shooting people”. This really helps us, because that’s the game we’re building in the end.

Having people coming back from skepticism in the beginning, saying, you know, “What are you doing? What is this?” and now saying “Wow, this is the perfect way for HITMAN to come out” was really nice for us. Even though it’s been hard to make all the episodes happen, because a big part of the skepticism was not only whether the episodic format fits but also whether the episodes would be delayed. I think it’s pretty important for our season that it feels like a whole, you know, that it fits tight in the content schedule. If months passed since something happened, that would have been a disaster.

I think that’s also part of why people are coming back now, that seems to be working.

IO Interactive then pretty much confirmed that Season 2 is coming and it will be very well integrated with Season 1, with unlocks from the first season carrying over.

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