Hitman Season 2 Confirmed; Appears Very Well Integrated With Season 1


Hitman Season 2 has been confirmed by I/O Interactive’s studio production director, Hakan Abrak.

Abrak was interviewed by French gaming site Gamergen during this year’s Paris Games Week. In the interview, Abrak was asked about the first Hitman season and future seasons.

“Yes, there is a second season”, Abrak told Gamergen. Season 2 will share the same launcher as Hitman season 1, and new locations from the 2nd season will be added the base game that players already own. Additionally, season 1 unlocks will be available in Season 2 and onwards.

“With Season 2, there will be new places, new exciting cities, but that does not mean that Paris will no longer matter. We want it to remain”. Previous cities and countries will likely be suitable for a revisit through new missions and locations.

According to Abrak, new free content like “Escalation” missions and “Elusive” targets will still come to Season 1 maps, even after the start of the Hitman Season 2.

Hitman was initially slated for a full retail release earlier this year but was eventually released as a fully episode AAA title with a major live component.

“We decided to take the full leap and publish HITMAN as a truly episodic game experience,” said Hannes Seifert, Head of Studio at Io-Interactive back in January of this year. “Part of that decision is for that little bit of extra time to ensure every location we release is at the quality level fitting for a HITMAN game. But the main driving reason is that this will allow us to create a living game that will expand and evolve over time and establish a foundation for the future – this is the first game in a storyline which will continue and expand with future Hitman games.”

Hitman is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Source: Gamergen via Neogaf