Here’s the First Horizon Zero Dawn VR Mod for PC

Alessio Palumbo
Horizon Zero Dawn VR

Did you ever wish you could play Horizon Zero Dawn in VR, experiencing the beautiful post-apocalyptic world created by Guerrilla Games with full immersion?

Well, you may be in luck. Renowned Virtual Reality modder LukeRoss has released the Horizon Zero Dawn VR mod just this past weekend, allowing YouTuber Cas to showcase it for the first time. According to her, the mod works with all PC Virtual Reality headsets. Additionally, you can either choose an experimental first-person view added by LukeRoss or stick with the original third-person view, even if that may be a bit weird when in VR.

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LukeRoss definitely knows what he's doing. This isn't his first rodeo, after all, as he already developed Virtual Reality mods for Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2, as well as the entire Mafia trilogy.

The flip side is that you'll need to subscribe to his Patreon to get access to the Horizon Zero Dawn VR mod, or any other of his mods. There's only one tier available, priced at $10 (monthly).

As a "VR friend", you will support my work, and you will get immediate access to all my early development prototypes (including my new RDR2 VR mod).

You will also have dedicated assistance for mod installation, usage and in general any problems you might encounter, and you will be able to steer the direction in which my future work is going by making your voice heard in comments and polls.

In related Horizon news, Guerrilla has released more and more Forbidden West info and media as the sequel's release date of February 18th, 2022 gets closer. The latest trailer featured a first look at some of the machines Aloy will encounter in Horizon Forbidden West.

As a reminder, the game is currently only scheduled for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, though a PC release is likely at some point.

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