Heart of Deimos Warframe Expansion Now Available on PC, PS4 and XB1

Alessio Palumbo
Heart of Deimos Warframe

Heart of Deimos, the latest Warframe expansion unveiled at the recent TennoCon 2020, is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Developer Digital Extremes originally planned to release on all platforms at once, but certification for the Nintendo Switch is still ongoing and fans on the Nintendo platform will have to wait a few more days.

Check out the launch trailers and screenshots below.

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Heart of Deimos is a trifecta of incredibly rich Warframe content. The expansion offers the Cinematic New Player Introduction directed by Dan Trachtenberg, the incredibly deep customizable Helminth System for mid- to end-level players, and a densely packed, story-driven open world in which all players can team up, fight, level up, and explore an alien-infested moon.

By answering the intriguing Entrati faction’s distress call, Tenno can delve into the new Deimos story Quest to discover the trouble beneath the surface of Deimos and unlock 2020’s second Warframe, the imaginative, community-designed, gender-neutral Xaku. Players can pilot upgradeable, customizable, powerful mechs (“necramechs”) to blast through hordes of new Infested enemies and they can blaze across the landscape on Infested K-Drives (“Velocipods”) that now combine hoverboard mobility with shooting firepower for a whole new combat dynamic. And, with today’s update, both Necramechs and shooting on K-Drives immediately will be available in all three open worlds.

Heart of Deimos
Heart of Deimos
Heart of Deimos
Heart of Deimos
Heart of Deimos

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