Halo 5 – New Screenshots and Information Leaked

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E3 is just around the corner, and it seems that Microsoft will have a great show, full of game announcements and surprises. Leading the way in exclusives for 2015, the Xbox One has plenty of titles to keep players busy over the holiday season. Halo 5: Guardians is certainly of Microsoft's big guns, and During Microsoft's conference we will see more of the game.

A new set of screenshots from Halo 5 have been shared and even though they are not of the best quality they do look rather nice.


Some information from an individual who played a recent build of Halo 5, has also come to light, and can be viewed below:


  • Incineration Cannon is back and has changed compared to Halo 4. Players can charge up a shot and the longer you charge, the more powerful it is. Battery based rather than ammo based.
  • Railgun is back from Halo 4 and works almost identically – could hold up to 11 shots
  • Overshield was present had some weird screen effect when you picked it up – looked like a bug
  • Boltshot is back but doesn’t work like halo 4 – no shotgun fire mode. fires two shots at once and sort of tracks players
  • Suppressor is back and fires a lot slower
  • Blue outline on weapons was in the build
  • Killcams were disabled in the build, could spectate players while you were dead
  • BR spread was near-gone – fired so fast
  • Spartan chatter was reduced hugely, less pointless callouts
  • Spartan bro moments cut down, game ending segment is just your spartans walking towards the screen, no more highfives and shit
  • Killfeed modified to be like this: “PLAYER NAME” “WEAPON KILLED WITH” “PLAYER NAME”
  • Pistol RoF is modified to be slower but is a lot more powerful – competes with AR and BR
  • Ground pound is harder to use, radius is tiny
  • Overshield was bugged, my shields said i constantly had it even after death

Halo 5 is hugely important to Microsoft but there's so much more coming to Xbox One

Graeme Boyd, social marketing manager at Xbox, has revealed in an interview with gamer2gamerevolved that there are more exclusives besides the ones that are already announced. Boyd admitts that Halo 5 is hugely important to Microsoft but there's much more besides Fable Legends, Quantum Break and Rise of The Tomb Raider.

“Absolutely. As you can imagine, Halo is a huge deal for us at Xbox and I can’t wait to see where Master Chief’s story is going in Halo 5. If you’ve been following the #HuntTheTruth stuff there’s some really interesting stuff going down, and I think we’ll really need to question our understanding of Chief as a character and the relationship we’ve all had with him over the last 15 years.

“I think the new direction 343 are taking there feels fresh and new and exciting but still distinctly Halo, so I’m really excited to see and play more of that.”

“But the most exciting thing for me is that Halo 5 is just one exclusive Xbox One title still to come. We’ve also got Forza 6 on the horizon, Fable Legends, Quantum Break, and lots more to come – and don’t forget that Xbox One is the only place you can play the new Tomb Raider this year. That – plus all the big third-party titles – means it’s a brilliant time to be an Xbox gamer.”

Phil Spencer has confirmed that they will be showing a new IP at E3 2015, but everything indicates that there would be quite a few surprises, and possibly more than one new IP. Microsoft's E3 press conference gets underway at 5:30pm on June 15, with the show beginning one day later on June 16.

We will bring you any new information from Microsoft and E3 2015 as soon as it becomes available.



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