Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Expansion Reveal to Take Place on July 27th

End of Dragons
A piece of concept art for End of Dragons.

ArenaNet announced today that the reveal of End of Dragons, the next Guild Wars 2 expansion, will take place on July 27th. An official live streamed event will showcase the first setting and story details while also providing information on how to join the upcoming beta events for End of Dragons.

The developers shared a few new pieces of concept art that were made during the expansion's development. You can watch them in the gallery.

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End of Dragons
End of Dragons
End of Dragons

Before taking a look at End of Dragons in late July, though, Guild Wars 2 players have lots coming up in the next three months from ArenaNet. For starters, The Icebrood Saga concludes today with the release of Episode 5 Chapter 4: Judgment, which ArenaNet is describing as the culmination of a year and a half of storytelling in the MMORPG. Up to 80 players at once will get to participate in a brand new world boss fight.

Going forward, here's what's on the developer's roadmap for the near future:

  • May 11 - Skills and balance update for the game’s professions and their elite specializations, changing the meta and bringing new considerations for character builds.
  • May 25 - Past Living World episodes - the game’s eight years of story content - will be free for all players who log in during their promotional period.
  • July 13 - A beloved boss returns to the game for the first time since 2014, when the  Twisted Marionette arrives as a limited time bonus event.
  • July 13 - The launch of the Legendary Armory, a new and improved way for players to manage legendary gear and upgrades.
  • A cornucopia of weeklong experience bonuses for both PvE and PvP players, a Fractal Rush community event, and the return of the yearly Dragon Bash festival.

There's still no word on if and when Guild Wars 2 will come to Steam, though. That was supposed to happen in November 2020, but ArenaNet put the publication on hold to keep working on End of Dragons and the Living World. Still, the store page is there, and maybe a simultaneous launch alongside the expansion could make sense.

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