GRIT Is a Wild West Battle Royale with DLSS Support Whose Beta Starts Today on Steam

Alessio Palumbo

Team GRIT, a newly established Seattle-based studio spearheaded by industry veterans such as Bob Berry and Jon Mavor (creators of Planetary Annihilation and Monday Night Combat), announced its first game called GRIT, a Battle Royale title set in the Wild West.

The game's first beta test begins today on PC via Steam (8 am PT - 4 pm PT) and it will go on for the weekend at slightly different times (4 pm PT - 6 pm PT on both Saturday and Sunday). You can request access to it directly via the store page.

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Check out the full feature set and debut trailer for GRIT below. The game also supports NVIDIA DLSS, as we confirmed for ourselves while checking the graphics settings.

  • Wild West Royale - Saddle a trusty horse and venture across the frontier. Battle 99 other cowboys in solo, duo, and squad gunfights.
  • Perk System- Look for weapons that make all-in poker hands to gain special perks. Gather specific hands to craft different styles of play.  There's advantages and tradeoffs to be made depending on the cards you're collecting - will you go all-in on gunslinging, focus on patching up your wounds after each skirmish, or find some other winning combination
  • Ride Through the West - Bond with your horse, riding and controlling your trusty steed with multiple speeds. Feeling lazy? Use the equine beast o' burden as extra inventory. Horses are a great way to stay mobile, escape the all consuming calamity storm, and fire on-the-go.  If you're feeling daring and have the gumption, steal your foe's horse and ride like the wind.
  • Tools o' the Trade - Over 20 weapons and a whole host of cowboy equipment are there to help you and yours to the top of the gunslinger rankings. Weapons are projectile-based, so you’ll need to be a crack shot, lead targets, and account for gravity.
  • All Aboard - Steal loot and a seat on the last train outta town. Take charge and use the locomotive to stay inside the battle royale ring.

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