Google is Working On Smart Speaker With Display Codenamed ‘Manhattan’ To Rival Amazon Echo Show

Zara Ali
Echo Show

Taking a cue from the success of the Amazon Echo, Google could be making a smart speaker with a display. Google Home debuted in the smart speaker with Google Assistant in November 2016, but Amazon leads the segment with its wide range of Echo devices. As per the data tally, Amazon owns more than 70% of the smart speaker markets while Google settles at 25%.

Google knows that it is lagging behind Amazon in the segment, which is why the company does not seem interested in helping Echo products with its services like YouTube. We recently reported about how Google pulled the YouTube support from Amazon Echo Show speakers. The company claimed that Amazon does not allow Echo Show users to subscribe to YouTube channels and use the autoplay option. These reasons accounted for Google pulling YouTube app from the Echo Show.

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Now, the latest buzz indicates at Google coming up with a rival for the Echo Show. Reportedly, Google's smart speaker with display has a codename "Manhattan." It will feature a 7-inch screen just like the Echo Show, and there will be pre-loaded content from YouTube, Google Photos and probably Netflix. Similar to Google Home, Manhattan will also be able to control home devices and appliances such as TV, locks, lights, thermostats, and others. Android will be pre-installed on the device to let developers come with dedicated apps for Manhattan.

Competition is soaring for Google and Amazon both

Google is expected to debut Manhattan in the mid-2018, but as the competition in the segment is soaring with Microsoft also gearing up to launch Invoke smart speaker, Google might just speed up the launch.

Not just Microsoft Invoke, Apple's HomePod is also making an entry in December. Within a year, we have seen a lot of action in the smart speaker segment as many manufacturers are coming up with their iterations. If things keep going in the same direction, we may see Amazon losing its huge share to competition.

Regarding Google's Manhattan, Google could share more about the product at the October 4th event. We will bring out every information to you as it happens.

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