Pixel 4a Retail Box Contents – Here’s What You Get With Your $349 Purchase

Omar Sohail
Pixel 4a Retail Box Contents - Here’s What You Get With Your $349 Purchase

With the Google Pixel 4a now official for $349, customers will most likely be wondering what they’ll receive as part of the retail box contents. Keep in mind that Apple and Samsung are rumored to get rid of the charging brick in future devices, so there’s no telling when Google will follow in their footsteps. Luckily, you’ll be happy to know that you get a decent number of freebies with your Pixel 4a purchase.

Google Also Includes an 18W Power Brick With Every Pixel 4a Purchase

The Pixel 4a supports a decent amount of wattage because Google includes an 18W USB-C power adapter. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t highlighted how long it takes for the Pixel 4a’s battery to reach full capacity while using this charger, so that’s something we’ll probably find out in the future.

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Additionally, you also get a single 1-meter long USB-C to USB-C cable but unfortunately, if you want to transfer data between your computer and the Pixel 4a, you’ll only experience USB 2.0 speeds, which is a massive bummer.

There’s also a SIM tool included, which wasn’t really necessary since the SIM tray can be ejected using a paper clip as well, but for the sake of convenience, we’re glad Google included it. Other than that, the Pixel 4a retail box contents include a Quick Start Guide, as well as a Quick Switch Adapter to help you transfer data from your existing smartphone to the Pixel 4a.

Overall, the accessories are a decent number but chances are that if you already possess a high-quality USB-C cable and an existing charger, you’ll probably be hooking those up to the Pixel 4a instead of using the accessories included in the retail packaging. At the end of the day, you’re getting a decent-spec’d handset for $349, and the included accessories are generous from Google but let us know down in the comments if you think the company should have added something extra.

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