Google Maps Turns 15, Receives Brand New App Icon, Refreshed UI


Google Maps just turned 15, and if you utilize the service/app on your iPhone or Android phone, then you will be greeted with a bunch of new things, including a brand new icon.

Google is Celebrating Maps' 15th Birthday with a Brand New Icon, Five New Tabs for Easy Navigation Through the App on iOS and Android

Launched back in 2005, it's safe to say that Google Maps is one service pretty much everyone is aware of, right next to Facebook. Wether you are looking for the shortest route back home or want to skip traffic, Google Maps has had your back for 15 years now. The company is starting a new chapter for Maps by introducing a brand new icon for the service on both iOS and Android, along with five new tabs right on the main screen, allowing you to quickly access things that you care about the most.

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First and foremost, Google's fancy video showing off evolution of Maps' icon:

Next up, the five tabs which Google has added to its app on both iOS and Android:

  • Explore - quickly explore what's around you with a quick search.
  • Commute - find the most efficient route to your destination, bypassing major traffic and whatnot.
  • Saved - quickly access your favorite places and saved spots.
  • Contribute - liked a place? Why not add a photo and a review? This does exactly that.
  • Updates - need to quickly know the trending places in your area from reputable sources? Tap on Updates and get started.

While the UI update might not be big, but it makes sense at this point in time. If you don't have all the crucial information front and center then there's obviously no point in having a service like Google Maps around and the Mountain View giant has definitely made some huge strides to celebrate the 15th birthday of its service.

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Google preloads the Maps app on Android by default, and is something you have to download from the App Store if you are iPhone or iPad user. If you haven't taken the service for a spin already, I highly recommend that you do. Hit the links below to download it straight onto your device. It's free, it's snappy and it help millions of people get around.

Download Google Maps for iOS [App Store link]
Download Google Maps for Android [Google Play link]

News Source: Google