Google Maps No Longer Needs a Phone to Deliver Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Furqan Shahid
Google Maps No Longer Needs a Phone to Deliver Turn-by-Turn Navigation
Credits: Unsplash/Antonio Grosz Lzsy

Ever since the launch of Wear OS 3, Google has been making a solid return to form. For the most part, the Android smartwatch market was dwindling until Google decided they would change. So far, it is safe to say that the Wear OS 3 has been a success, and we are seeing more and more smartwatches running this new OS. Today, Google Maps has announced a handy new feature that will allow users to go for turn-by-turn navigation on their Wear OS 3 device without having a phone on them all the time.

Google wants you to use Google Maps on your Wear OS watch without having your phone with you

The feature should not really come as a surprise to anyone since it has been requested for some time now, but it is finally available. Google took to the Wear OS help forum and announced that users can now use turn-by-turn navigation on Google Maps for Wear OS. The good news is that the feature is fully functional on both LTE and Wi-Fi models. However, the latter will need to be connected to a Wi-Fi to work.

We’re excited to share that you can now get Google Maps turn by turn navigation right on your LTE* watch, no phone required. If you have an LTE-enabled* watch, or your watch is connected to the internet via WiFi, you can now enjoy having Maps available on your wrist.

If you want to go ahead and use the navigation, you just have to open the Google Maps app on your Wear OS watch, enter the destination that you are heading to and you are good to go. Google has also added that in case you have mirroring added, the navigation can start on your phone but as soon as you move far away, the watch will start displaying the route.

That's not all, though. previously, Google promised that Google Maps will support offline navigation on Wear OS watches and although we have not seen that so far, the feature should not be that far in the future.

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