Google is Facing a Massive Class-Action Lawsuit in the UK


Google is facing some trouble again as a new legal action brought by Liz Coll has hit Google in London. The legal action is seeking damages of up to £920 million ($1.3 billion) on behalf of around 19.5 million Android users in the country, which is a massive number and a massive amount, to say the least.

Google Could Be Paying Almost $1.3 Billion to the Customers in the UK if the Lawsuit Succeeds

According to the legal action, Google Play Store's 30% surcharge for digital purchases is unlawful and "bears no relationship to the costs of providing the services" The case comes less than a month after the coalition of 37 state attorney generals filed a lawsuit against Google because of high Play Store app fees.

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Google is a gatekeeper to so many digital services, and it has a responsibility not to abuse that position and overcharge ordinary consumers. These hidden charges are unlawful, and Google's customers deserve compensation, and better treatment from Google in future.

The lawsuit claims how Google is shutting down the competition to the Play Store by requiring it to be preinstalled on all Android devices, including the cheapest devices out there. It also "Steers" users to its own payment processing system, which exacts a 30% surcharge on every purchase. This, according to the lawsuit, is not only generating massive revenue for Google but is also hitting the consumers' pockets directly. Additionally, the lawsuit also alleges that these practices violate section 18 of the UK Competition Act 1998 and Article 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

If the lawsuit is successful, Android users in the UK could receive compensation of around £47, and this applies to Any Android user who has made purchases of an app or other content within the app from the UK version of the Play Store using an Android phone or tablet will be eligible for the compensation.

This is not the first time the search engine giant is facing a lawsuit over such practices. This has happened before; we are waiting for Google to comment on the situation.