Google Home App to Get a New Look With More Material Theme Stylings


Over the past few weeks, Google has been aggressively testing Material Design across all popular apps such as Google Maps and Android Messages. Today, the Google Home app gets a Material Design makeover. It was discovered by XDA Developers, who decompiled the latest APK of Google Home and found some interesting changes.  Not all of the changes make it to the final release, but it's a good way of gauging what we can expect in the future. The same applies to the redesign, which may or may be unveiled with the next update.

The Google Home app is essential to set up Chromecasts, Google Home and for controlling all Assistant-enabled devices. The app got a redesign last year, shortly after the Google Home Max and Mini were released. It was also touted as one of the first apps to demonstrate what we know today as Material Theming.

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The APK teardown changes some older UI elements to give them a more modern look. The navigation bar is completely removed, to make the app look more like the core Google app. The Discover and Browse tabs are joined by Devices and Account preferences to the left and right, respectively. The device page is now much cleaner than before as the devices are now displayed with a grid for a much more compact and efficient design. The Discover tab still features the “Welcome home” greeting and a series of suggestion and media cards, while Browse moves the floating search toolbar to the top of the app.

While there was nothing inherently wrong with the app looked previously, a few minor QoL changes here and there are always welcome. Besides, the Google Home app needs to look better than ever, considering the ever-growing list of Assistant-powered devices. Most users wouldn't care too much about the UI, but it's the attention to such minor details that sets Google apps apart from the rest.

News Source: 9to5google