Next Amazon Echo Dot Reportedly Leaks In New Images

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Amazon's Echo dot lineup had a pretty successful run. The range of products offers a variety of features depending on the variant you buy. The Amazon Echo dot is the company's smallest from the lineup and features a pretty low price tag compared to the rest. Now, it seems Amazon is working on a follow up to the smart speaker option. The leaked images show quite a lot about the next Echo Dot. So let's dive in to see some more details on the matter.

Amazon Echo Dot Has A Sequel, Leaks In New Images

The Amazon Echo Dot upgrade makes sense because it has not been updated since September of 2016. Reported by AFTVNews, the images show a major difference in terms of design compared to what Amazon currently has on the market. As it can be seen, the speaker will offer a more circular or rounded design while the one we use today is quite flat. Moreover, the device seems to have fabricated sides to give it a more fancy look and feel.

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Apart from this, we can also presume that there will be LED lights present at the top for visual indication. The familiar physical buttons at the top of the device can also be seen in the leaked images. Judging by the images, the third generation of the speaker will be a little bigger than the second generation. The bigger size is due to Amazon's implementation of better quality speakers, as per the report.

As for when the device will be announced, Amazon typically announced hardware in September. If that is the case then we would not have to wait long. The race for smart speakers is gradually picking up the pace and ultimately it would benefit us all. The news first appeared on Numerama and FrAndroid. showing different sides of the device

Amazon has various Echo speakers in line which also includes the Echo Show. Apple's HomePod went up for pre-orders at the start of this year and there have been rumors surfacing that the Cupertino giant might be working on a cheaper, more affordable version of the Siri-powered smart speaker.

There will be more to the story, so be sure to stay tuned in for more details. How well do you think the Echo Dot third generation is designed if it turns out to be a real deal? Share your views with us in the comments.

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