Google Allo Is Receiving Update to Bring Features Like Backup/Restore, Group Incognito Chats


Google Allo is getting a new update on Android today that brings new features to the app. These features were earlier revealed in the teardowns of previous versions, so yeah, nothing surprising here. The new features include backup and restore function for chats, group incognito chats, and much more.

The news about the update surfaced on Twitter in a tweet by Google’s Amit Fulay. In the tweet, Fulay posted an image of incognito mode on Allo for group chats. Much like its name, "Incognito group chats" feature lets users set timers on their chats, which makes their message disappear after the fixed period. Disappearing messages is not a new feature, Snapchat started it, and now it is also being adopted by WhatsApp.

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Interestingly, Allo’s incognito mode comes with end-to-end encryption. Unlike the incognito mode for individual chats on Allo, group chats mode does not support Google Assistant and Smart Replies.

Other than incognito group chats, Allo also gets backup and restore feature for chats. This feature allows users to backup Allo chats on their device's local storage or Google Drive. Along with chats, users can also backup images and videos, but its own user's discretion to decide whether the chat backup should include media or not.

In addition, the new update also brings rich link previews on Allo, which means that users will now see a preview for the link that appears in their chats, before deciding to open it.

Allo's head, Fulay says that it is server-side switch update and is currently being rolled out on Google Play, and it may take some time before reaching your device. Admittedly, Google Allo does not have a clean record for extending upcoming features faster as the company is yet to launch its Allo desktop version, which was rumoured for long. We cane expect the desktop client to debut in a couple of weeks when Google I/O 2017 takes place.

For the desktop client, reports hint that Allo's desktop version is expected to work just like WhatsApp's desktop version. Users would just need to scan a QR code to get it up and running.