Google Allo For Web is Finally Here For Android Users, But Does It Matter?

Zara Ali
Google Allo

After teasing the extended feature for quite some time, Google has finally released web version for its Allo messaging app. The rollout has just begun, but only for the Android users.

The web version of Google Allo works like WhatsApp Web. The Assistant-powered messenger can now be accessed from your desktop's web browser. Just like WhatsApp's web version, to access Allo's desktop client, users have to open the app first and then scan the QR code on your browser. To get the QR code, you have to open on your browser first.

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As we stated, the web version for Allo is currently limited to Android users, but Google has promised to extend the support to iPhone too. Also, the web client for Allo is only available in the Chrome browser. To recall, WhatsApp Web was also limited to Chrome when it launched; it was later made available on other browsers like Safari.

Sadly, unlike WhatsApp Web, Google Allo doesn't work simultaneously on Web and Phone. Google notes that if users choose to “view Allo for web on your mobile browser, the app won’t work.” Besides, the tech giant also notes that some features of Allo will stay limited to the mobile. The list of these features includes:

  • Connecting, switching or removing Google Accounts
  • Adding or removing members from an existing group
  • Backing up your information
  • Notification and privacy settings
  • Some chat features, such as taking a photo, deleting a conversation, blocking contacts or starting a chat with someone who's not in your contacts

Does it matter?

The web client for Allo was expected to debut in February this year, but Google delayed it for some unknown reasons. Now that the web version of the app is here, we wonder how many users would advantage from it. Google Allo is far behind WhatsApp when it comes to users tally. Also, it's worth noting that Google itself has various messaging platforms like Google Voice, Google Duo, Hangouts, and recently added YouTube chat. Amidst the crowd of messaging apps, do users care about Allo's web version?

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