Google Allo Gets One-Tap Access For Google Assistant Along With GIF search


Google recently integrated Google Assistant into its chat app - Allo. Now, in the latest update for Allo on Android, the tech giant is making the feature more visible by placing a dedicated button to open Google Assistant with a tap. Earlier, Allo users had to type “@google” to access Assistant, but now it could be done by a single tap. With this move, Google has highlighted the presence of its AI assistant on Allo.

Not just the new button, but Google has also enhanced the function are of Google Assistant on Allo. Users can now bring the assistant into chat conversations, wherein Assistant would be able to perform a variety of tasks such as finding nearby eateries, searching on Google Maps, or fetching any information from Google search engine.

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Google Assistant on Allo

GIF Search on Allo

Along with the inclusion of a dedicated Google Assistant button, Allo is also getting a new feature to search for GIFs. Allo users can now search for a GIF by opening the emoji box and swiping it till the end for finding a search box for GIFs. Other than emoji box, users can also search for GIFs by typing “@lucky” and the GIF name, but it won't show the preview of the GIF, so you never know if you ended up selecting a wrong GIF. It's better to stick to the GIF search in the emoji box.

Other than the GIF search, Google has also added a few animated emojis to the platform. The new emojis could be enlarged on the screen with the help of Allo's “shout” feature. It looks like animated emojis that we have on Facebook, but on Allo, users can enlarge them for a bigger effect. The addition of new emojis and GIF search to Allo could be beneficial for increasing the quality of chat conversations. As we know, Allo is one of Google's ambitious apps and the company is working to increase its adoption rate by introducing new features and one-tap access for Google Assistant.

Today, Google will begin rolling out a new update for adding these new features to the Allo app on Android. The tech giant is expected to extend the update to iOS users soon.