Godfall PS5 4K/120FPS Rumor Debunked by Dev; Game Requires Internet Connection to Play


Developer Counterplay Games has commented on yesterday's rumor that Godfall would render in 4K resolution at 120FPS on the PlayStation 5.

Some Japanese PS5 previews surfaced yesterday, showing off gameplay of Astro’s Playroom (which comes pre-installed on every PS5) and Counterplay Games’ looter slasher action-RPG, Godfall.

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Gameplay for both titles looked pretty good, and based on some of these early impressions, some media outlets reported that the title would be rendering in 4K resolution at 120FPS on Sony’s upcoming next-gen console. On Twitter, developer Counterplay Games has now debunked this rumor, stating that this is not correct and that real resolution and framerate numbers will be shared once performance Q&A and optimization has been finished.

In other Godfall-related news – it seems that, in order to play the upcoming title, an internet connection is mandatory. While the game isn’t a “service” game, an internet connection is required to play.

As expected, fans don’t seem to be too happy with this as there will be times when players don’t have access to the internet. Flashback to Microsoft’s Xbox One “always online” policy anyone? Let's hope that Counterplay and Gearbox do a similar "180" and make changes to this "always-on" policy for Godfall.

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Godfall is a PS5 launch title and launches next month on November 12th. The title will also be avaialble on PC through the Epic Games Store. A new cinematic trailer was released last week, be sure to check it out.

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