God Of War To Feature Game Modes Other Than Main One; More Details Confirmed


With God Of War now being very close to release, many fans are asking questions to Cory Barlog on Twitter. The game's Creative Director recently answered some of them, providing additional details on the game.

Like previous entries in the series, God Of War wil also feature play modes outside the main campaign. This could very well mean that Challenges will be back, among other modes.

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Barlog also confirmed that there will be multiple save files for the same account, allowing players to save different playthroughs.

As one of the signs that Kratos has changed since his earlier days, it's been confirmed that the controversial sex mini-game is no longer in.

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Additional God Of War footage has been made available earlier this week, showcasing combat against trolls, exploration and more.

Each one [of the trolls] is different. Each has a completely different backstory. As with Norse mythology, everything has a little bit of a story, a little bit of a narrative to it. Each of these guys, they’re going to look a little different, they’re going to fight a little different. When you go up against them you might want to think a little differently. […] Part of their backstory is that they’ve been betrayed by the Gods, and that they’ve got all these different cities and villages

God of War launches on PlayStation 4 on April 20th. Those planning to play the game on PlayStation 4 Pro will also be able to enjoy improved performance thanks to the recently confirmed Performance Mode.