GLORIOUS Announces the Glorious GMMK PRO Keyboard

Evan Federowicz

GLORIOUS has announced the Glorious GMMK PRO keyboard featuring a 75% layout and has been built for enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals. This keyboard has been fully CNC machined aluminum case with a 5-pin modular PCB and more features making this keyboard perfect for nearly any situation. Reservations for the GMMK PRO keyboard began on November 11th with estimated shipping in Quarter one of 2021, and The Barebones kit features a price of $169.99.

GLORIOUS has announced the GMMK PRO keyboard with reservations currently available and expected shipping in Quarter one of 2021

The Glorious GMMK PRO keyboard features a 75% layout, making this keyboard perfect for smaller desks and minimalistic setups. The GMMK PRO keyboard has been created using a CNC machine, making the keyboard feature an all-aluminum case. This all-aluminum case allows for higher durability when compared to the other 75% keyboards currently available. This keyboard features a Gasket Mounted Plate design that naturally dampens keystroke to have an incredibly unique haptic and acoustic experience. This all-aluminum case can come in two distinct colors: black slate or White Ice. Each case is Individually Machined and Engraved to provide a higher level of quality.

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This keyboard features a removable USB Type-C cable, allowing users to change the cord whenever needed easily, thanks to finding a spare USB Type-C cable and the stronger connector compared to the Micro-B connector. This keyboard also features support for the Glorious Core software with additional support for QMK & VIA opensource firmware.

This keyboard also is perfect for RGB enthusiasts to offer per-key RGB lighting for a highly personalized experience and multiple preset color modes and animations. The GMMK PRO keyboard also uses a 5-pin Modular PCB, allowing users to quickly and easily add or remove their key switches while still offering Plate or PCB mounted switches.

GLORIOUS has created a product page for this premium keyboard, which is perfect for nearly any setup. Reservations for the GMMK PRO keyboard have been taking place since November 11th, with estimated shipping started in the first quarter of 2021. The Barebones for the GMMK PRO isn't a kit and will require switches and keycaps to be a completed keyboard; the Barebone will feature a price of $169.99.

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