Gigabyte’s Next-Gen AORUS & AERO Laptops Leak Out: Up To Intel Core i9-12900HK CPUs & NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GPUs

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Turns out Gigabyte has been busy. The Taiwanese manufacturer is prepped to launch up to five new laptops at CES 2022, each offering the newest Intel 12th Gen Core CPU as well as NVIDIA's RTX 30 Ti laptop GPUs. Website VideoCardz was fortunate enough to access the photos and share them with their readers. The two sets of photos reference the new AORUS 17 E-Series and the new AERO 17. AORUS's laptop will be a 12th Gen Core version of the popular laptop from Gigabyte, and the AERO 17 is the generation following the Tiger Lake series of the same brand.

Two leaked photo sets showcase Gigabyte's upcoming Alder Lake CPU & NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Ti GPU based laptops

First up, let's look at the AORUS 17 E-Series for this coming year.

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Gigabyte AORUS 17 E-Series

The AORUS 17 E-Series will offer an Intel Alder Lake-based CPU, but will have the choice of either a DDR4 or DDR5 memory option. The older DDR4 memory options will offer up to the Intel Core i7-12700H CPU and as high as the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GPU. The next-gen DDR5 models will showcase as high as the Intel Core i9-12900HK along with the RTX 3080 Ti GPU but with 105-130W TGP, depending on which model you purchase. The laptop showcases a 4K mini-LED IPS panel with a screen size of 3840x2160 and 120Hz refresh ratio.

This model is expected to be a premium offering receiving DisplayHDR1000 certification, with the ability to produce a peak brightness over 1000 nits. No word yet as to the 17G's keyboard or 17X with the company's Max-P graphics.

Gigabyte AERO 17/16 Series




The AERO Series has the most noticeable upgrades compared to previous versions. First, the company has decided to up the previous 15-inch model to the 16-inch variant. Gigabyte removed the well-known bottom bezel, which in a design aesthetic was quite large. The AMOLED panel on the AERO series is produced by Samsung, offering up to a resolution of 3840×2600, but also offering DisplayHDR500 with 100% DCI-P3). Gigabyte will also offer a variant with a resolution of  2560×1600 Mini-LED, with DisplayHDR 1000, 100% DCI-P3, and amazing 165Hz refresh rates.

For specifications, Gigabytes new AERO series will offer up to Core i9-12900HK CPU along with the RTX 3080 Ti/3070Ti GPU, however both will be limited to 105W. VideoCardz points out that the AERO series typically offers Max-Q graphics.

This year, Gigabyte is offering a lot of improvements on their AERO line of laptops. The camera has been moved to the top of the screen, where before it was located at the bottom bezel. THe fingerprint sensor has been removed from the touchpad, which opens up the speculation that the camera will begin to offer the ability to unlock the computer via Windows Hello. However, there are still some issues that have yet to be resolved. First, the camera does not have a privacy feature, which is something that a lot of manufacturers have added or begun to implement in their designs. The power connector is located on the right side, which can at times get in the way of components used for the laptop, such as a mouse.

It is unknown whether the issues with less than stellar WiFi performance have been fixed due to the misaligned antennas that were located behind a metal display lid. The photos do not offer a well enough ability to garner a positive on whether they continued to stick with metal or have changed to a plastic covering.

Gigabyte's newest laptops for 2022 are planned to be announced on January 4, 2022, with an unknown launch date that will be determined at the time of announcement.

Source: VideoCardz

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