GeForce Hotfix Driver 460.97 Released by NVIDIA, Fixes HDR Black Levels and Stuttering in Marvel’s Avengers

Alessio Palumbo
GeForce hotfix driver Geforce Driver

A new GeForce hotfix driver was posted on Friday by NVIDIA. Since it may have been missed by most GeForce users (hotfix drivers are not pushed through GeForce Experience), here's how to download it:

Windows 10 64-bit Standard Driver

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Windows 10 64-bit DCH Driver

You can find the changelog below. The most important issue resolved is arguably the one for HDR displays, as the new GeForce hotfix driver fixes the previously incorrect black levels when engaging High Dynamic Range mode. Additionally, this driver should fix the stuttering observed in Marvel's Avengers (which just got Kate Bishop added to the game, by the way), according to NVIDIA.

  • Some apps that use NVML may not detect GPU [3200758]
  • Stutter may be observed with some configurations in Marvel's Avengers [3197999]
  • Lenovo Y740 may display corruption on waking from sleep [3178279]
  • Some notebooks may BSOD when waking from sleep while connected to external monitor via dock/dongle [3162411]
  • With HDR enabled, black levels are incorrect. [200682795]

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