GeForce Driver 528.34 Is Optimized for Dead Space, Forspoken (Both with NVIDIA DLSS 2), and 3 New DLSS 3 Games

Alessio Palumbo
Game Ready GeForce Driver

NVIDIA released a new Game Ready GeForce driver, version 528.34, which is optimized for the releases of Forspoken (out today) and Dead Space (out this Friday). The news is that Forspoken supports NVIDIA DLSS 2 (also known as Super Resolution nowadays) like Dead Space, even though the open world action RPG is AMD-sponsored.

The new GeForce driver also optimizes the imminent implementation of DLSS 3 technology in three games: Marvel's Midnight Suns, HITMAN 3, and Deliver Us Mars.

As usual, the GeForce driver's release notes also mention a handful of fixed issues.

Fixed Issues

  • Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and Lightroom instability with 528.02 [3940086]
  • Adobe Photoshop 24.1 application instability with 528.02 when using GeForce Experience [3940488]
  • [Adobe Premiere Pro] ProRes RAW files appear completely black when previewing [3924753]
  • Autodesk Alias: Expected transparent window appears opaque [3891620]
  • OctaneBench 2020 fails intermittently due to render engine failure [3880988]

Beyond the new GeForce driver, NVIDIA also released a new version (3.26) of its GeForce Experience software, the highlight being GeForce RTX 40 Series support for 8K@60FPS HDR capture via ShadowPlay.

Support for Portal with RTX

GeForce Experience is updated to offer full feature support for Portal with RTX. This includes Shadowplay to record your best moments, graphics settings for optimal performance and image quality, and Game Ready Drivers for the best experience. 

New 8K 60FPS HDR ShadowPlay Recording

ShadowPlay recording now supports 8K 60FPS HDR recording for GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics cards. Press Alt+F9 to start recording!

The updated GeForce Experience can now automatically optimize graphics settings for 51 new games. Lastly, the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Fixed game minimization issue while enabling the in-game overlay for games such as Farming Simulator 22, Cyberpunk 2077, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, and F1 2021.  

  • Fixed desktop notification for rewards. 

  • Fixed an issue where Alt+F12 hotkey was unusable in other apps

  • Fixed an issue where performance overlay resets to Basic after system reboot or starting a new game

  • Fixed an issue where Reflex Analyzer incorrectly shows Render Latency instead of PC Latency.

  • Fixed an issue where the system restarts after self-update. 

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