Game Ready Driver Released, DLSS Now Available in 120 Games; Baldur’s Gate 3 Gets 88% Boost at 4K

Alessio Palumbo
Game Ready driver

NVIDIA released a new Game Ready driver today, version 496.13, which delivers optimizations for Back 4 Blood and other games that are receiving NVIDIA DLSS support (more on that below).

Interestingly, the new Game Ready driver also adds a Shader Cache Size control option that can be tweaked via the NVIDIA Control Panel. Check out the full changelog here, or our edited highlights in the following quote.

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What’s New in Release 495

  • NVIDIA Control Panel > Manage 3D Settings

    • Added Shader Cache Size control to set the maximum amount of disk space to use for storing shader compiles.

    • Vertical Sync options for Optimus notebook GPUs are now the same as for desktop GPUs.

Fixed Issues in this Game Ready driver

  • [GeForce RTX 3080]: The system does not boot with two Samsung Odyssey G70A 28" monitors are connected to the GPU. [3359697]

  • [GeForce GTX 960]: The primary monitor lost after resume from sleep or shutdown. [3340905]

  • [Windows 11]: The screen flashes once after switching to the discrete GPU-only mode in the NVIDIA Control Panel. [3330077]

  • [Multiple Apps][Ansel/Freestyle]: Depth of field filter shows blurry characters. [200749545]

  • [Notebook]: Vulkan test applications run on the integrated graphics processor instead of the discrete GPU. [200770322]

Open Issues in this Game Ready driver

  • [Doom Eternal][HDR][FSR]: Eternal]: Texture across the game darkens and is unplayable after enabling HDR + FSR. [200776916]

  • [Rise of the Tomb Raider]: Characters and background disappear and corruption is prominent when Anti-Aliasing is set to SSAA 2X and SSAA 4x. [200777463]

  • [Deathloop][HDR]: TDR/corruption occurs in the game with Windows HDR enabled.

    • If this issue occurs, toggle the Windows HDR setting.

  • [YouTube]: Video playback stutters while scrolling down the YouTube page. [3129705]

  • Tom Clancy's The Division 2 may display graphical artifacts. [200754013]

  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed may crash on courses where players drive through water. [3338967]

  • [HDR][G-Sync]: Mouse pointer gets stuck after turning on HDR from the Windows Control Panel or after toggling G-Sync from the NVIDIA control panel. [200762998]

    • To work around, click the mouse (right or left button). The mouse cursor will be sluggish for a few seconds before returning to normal operation.

  • [NVIDIA Control Panel]: After setting the display multiplexer type to “dGPU”, the setting is not preserved across a reboot or resume from S4. [200779758

  • [Windows 11]: Display goes blank when video is switched to full-screen with G-Sync enabled. [200778687]

Alongside the latest Game Ready driver, NVIDIA also announced several games that are getting DLSS support, bringing the total list to 120 between games and applications.

Back 4 Blood is one of them, its performance improved by 44% when using DLSS Performance Mode at 4K.

Larian's Baldur's Gate 3 will enjoy twice as much of a boost in the same conditions, according to NVIDIA, when the next patch is released by the developers later this week.

Chivalry 2 can run up to 45% faster at 4K with DLSS Performance Mode enabled. The update will go live on October 26th.

The MMORPG Swords of Legends Online will get up to a 60% performance boost with DLSS Performance Mode at 4K once the game's update goes live in two days.

NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 is also coming to Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. In the former game, DLSS will improve the average FPS of up to 75% at 4K with Performance Mode.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider already supported DLSS 1.0, but the new version improves both quality and performance. According to NVIDIA, performance is more than doubled in this case; the game update will be available on October 18th.

Sword and Fairy 7 will be released next week, featuring both ray tracing and DLSS support.

Last but not least, Crysis Remastered Trilogy is set to launch on October 15th with NVIDIA DLSS support, too.

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