Galaxy Z Flip 3 Will Bring a Two-Tone Design and Gorilla Glass Victus All Around


The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 are going official in July, and we have already gotten our hands on a Galaxy Z Fold 3 leak that revealed some interesting details about the phone, including an under-display fingerprint reader and S-Pen support. However, we have another leak surrounding the Galaxy Z Flip 3, and unsurprisingly, this is also corresponding to leaked marketing material, which ends up confirming that both devices are nearing their official announcement.

As opposed to the Z Fold 3, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 seems minor design changes. For instance, you have the two-tone design that is somewhat inspired by the Galaxy S21 series but exaggerated this time around as it spans the entirety of the back. You have the standard colors, joining a larger, much effective implementation of another screen on the back.

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Galaxy Z Flip 3 Looks to Be a Major Improvement Over the Original Galaxy Z Flip

Now, images seem like they are coming from the same marketing material, so they look legit. The phone will also ship in different colorways, which corroborates one of the earlier leaks, even though that mentioned 8 color options.

For starters, the back design looks perfect this time around, but that might be subjective. The two-tone nature is functional because the black-part is a screen along with a dual-camera setup. Samsung has finally gotten the rear display right, as it is way more functional this time around.

You can clearly see that Samsung wants to market the second screen this time around, and it makes sense, as well. The display big enough that you can read the notifications with ease, without being too obnoxious.

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The last picture reveals that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will be wrapped in Gorilla Glass Victus to make it more durable. Obviously, the internal display would not be Gorilla Glass Victus, but the phone looks promising, to say the least.