Galaxy S9 Rumored to Get Initial Snapdragon 845 Shipments – Other Companies May Have to Fight for Scraps

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Galaxy S9

With the Galaxy Note8 not officially announced, we continue to receive concerning about the Galaxy S9. With Samsung holding its grip firm in the global smartphone market, it is not a surprise that the Korean giant will get preference for the Snapdragon 845 shipments. After all, Qualcomm also has to maintain a steady cash flow and it can only do that by selling as many products as possible. Turns out a new rumor claims that the upcoming Galaxy S9 will receive the same royal treatment as its predecessor in getting the initial Snapdragon chipset shipments.

LG Also in the Fight to Get Initial Snapdragon 845 Shipments - Galaxy S9 Might Still Win the ‘Preference’ Title Thanks to How Many Units Samsung Sells in a Fiscal Year

If you have not wondered why other phone manufacturers do not hire Samsung for its Exynos lineup of SoCs, well it is because Qualcomm has barred the former from doing so. While it is a dirty trick to get the bulk of shipments to its other clients, a business’ sole existence is to report a profit after all.

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That being said, a rumor originating out of China claims that the Galaxy S9 might get the initial Snapdragon 845 shipments, which might force several of Samsung’s competitors to delay their own smartphone launch or unveil them early using previous-generation chipsets.

In a different rumor, it looks like LG was not pleased with the move Qualcomm and Samsung pulled earlier and it has been stated that the manufacturer aims to release the G7 running the chipset manufacturer’s latest and greatest product, the Snapdragon 845.

The issue that stems here is a phone manufacturer’s lack of resources to develop their own mobile SoC to reduce dependency on Qualcomm. Xiaomi is proceeding forward with this, but the lack of initiative taken by other phone makers means that they will need Qualcomm’s resources and services, meaning a possible delayed smartphone launch.

We’re not quite sure what to make of this, but if Qualcomm does not want to steer its ship in violent waters by reserving the initial Snapdragon 845 shipments for the Galaxy S9, it should learn to play ball with its other partners.

News Source: Weibo

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