Here Are the Freebies You Can Expect to Get if You Pre-Order the Galaxy S8

Galaxy S8 preorder

With less than a week remaining for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus to officially get unveiled, it looks like Samsung will be relying on the old-fashion technique of giving freebies to customers if they place their pre-orders. This is a tactic that has long been followed by smartphone manufacturers prior to the release of their handsets, but the only question is, what sort of freebies can you expect in return if you pre-order for any one of the two flagships?

Pre-ordering the Galaxy S8 Will Give the User a Free Gear VR Headset Coupled With Some Coupons

There is a Target flyer which appears completely legitimate and there are very interesting details mentioned on that piece of paper. The second-largest discount store in the U.S. is aiming to sell customers a Galaxy S8 through a pre-order procedure. However, the advantage that will serve the customer is that they will be getting a ton of free stuff in return, which have been listed below:

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  • A free Gear VR with a separate controller bundled worth $129.99
  • $100 gift cards
  • $150 coupons

Before you get excited, the two Target vouchers will probably have to get activated on Verizon, AT&T, and other carrier’s payment plans so you will have to jump around a bit before you can actually start using those cards in the future. Both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are going to be announced on March 29 and with pre-orders from Target expected to commence from April 2, it looks like you will not have to muster a significant amount of patience to purchase your dream Android smartphone.

Both flagships are expected to come with hefty price tags for the unlocked versions, but to make the purchase less excruciating for the customer, such deals are going to be introduced. U.S. based carriers will also be introducing their own set of deals, so it is recommended that you hold off on the purchase till you get a better glimpse at which corner is providing the best possible deal for the Galaxy S8.

Are you excited for the unveiling of the phone? Let us know your thoughts right away.


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