Galaxy S8 Release Date Delayed by Two Weeks as Galaxy Note 7 Investigation Carries on

Omar Sohail

Even though Samsung has already started work on the Galaxy S8 software, the manufacturer could end up delaying the actual launch of the upcoming flagship. This is because the company has been forced to tackle another investigation at hand, and as you all know, it is concerned with the Galaxy Note 7 accidents that forced the company to halt production and sales of the phablet. Thanks to this colossal setback, Samsung has been reported to lay off around 200 executive personnel.

Samsung Still Remains Clueless About the Galaxy Note 7 Explosions: Time Consuming Investigation Might Lead to Delayed Galaxy S8 Launch

Samsung’s mobile head D.J. Koh has stated that the company will be doing everything in its power to find out the root cause of these Galaxy Note 7 explosions, but so far, Samsung itself hasn’t been able to deduce the origin of these accidents. Thanks to these complications, the engineers who were proceeding ahead with the developing of the elements that would make the Galaxy S8 possible are unable to progress because they too have been tasked with finding out what went wrong with the company’s Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung has relied upon LG for smartphone batteries so hopefully, a re-run of the same fiasco is not going to be repeated. Galaxy S8 is expected to be announced during the month of February, but this latest revelation could mean that the smartphone is going to be announced after MWC 2017 has been concluded. We just want to remind you that Samsung was reported to rush the announcement of Galaxy Note 7 in order to gain an upper hand against iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and you guys can see how well that turned out. Just because the company’s Galaxy S8 is being delayed doesn’t mean that it’s a setback for the company.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is already expected to come with a boatload of features that will outshine the Note 7, minus the S-Pen accessory. It has been strongly rumored that the device will come with a dual-camera configuration, along with a 4K display for viewing content comfortably. Since Galaxy S8 is said to feature a powerful ARM Mali GPU, there is no doubt that the handset is going to be Daydream compatible. Do you feel that the delay in the Galaxy S8’s announcement should worry the company? Tell us your thoughts right away.


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