Samsung Is Adamant to Gain Back Trust of Consumers for Its Smartphones

Omar Sohail
Samsung Is Adamant to Gain Back Trust of Consumers for Its Smartphones

Samsung might have prevented future accidents from ever happening again by pulling the production plug off its Galaxy Note 7, but that doesn’t mean consumers will blindly purchase another Samsung smartphone again. Since the Galaxy Note 7 saga directly affected the brand name of ‘Galaxy Note’, the tech giant is intending to do everything in its power to make sure that customers do not decide to choose an alternate device.

Samsung Mobile Chief States the Company Will Be Doing Everything in Its Power to Find Out the Reason What Caused These Incidents in the First Place

Samsung Mobile's division head, Dong-Jin Koh has stated the following about gaining the customers’ trust back:

“We would at any cost find the exact cause (behind the Galaxy Note 7 battery issues) to restore trust of consumers so that they can use Samsung products without any safety concerns.”

Samsung also wants to dispose of its Galaxy Note 7 in a responsible manner, but it isn’t going to be an easy feat. First off, if the company’s primary intention was to sell refurbished phones later down the road in emerging smartphone markets, it can cross that plan off the list. Another thing that the company should worry about is that recycling smartphones is an expensive procedure and the rate earth elements will not be recovered if a phone is recycled. In fact, if a handset is recycled, then the only salvage that can be recovered will not even be worth the effort.

In order to compensate for the losses that Galaxy Note 7 brought, Samsung has been forced to increase production of the devices that come very close to the flagship phablet: Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge. Samsung will also have to make sure that volatile batteries are not a part of the specifications when it officially announces its Galaxy S8, which is said to arrive in February 2017. Looking at the financial mess the Galaxy Note 7 caused, the company will devote a major portion of its resources to gain back the influence of the brand name that has been tarnished severely.



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